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Bianca Markx

Visual Artist / Communications Director

Bianca “Bee” Markx spent her days surrounded by the stark beauty of nature amid the vibrant island culture of Florianopolis in Southern Brazil. Even so, she felt more drawn to the grays of city buildings, cracked sidewalks and abandoned trains. Through this lens, she grew fascinated with the duality of human beings' relationships with these environments and sought to express this dichotomy through live performance art, film & theater production. 


Bee's wanderlust took her San Francisco and she fell in love with the oddities that the city is known for. It was there where she started focusing on more digital mediums while incorporating modern techniques and tools into her workflow. Her art seamlessly blends hand-drawn fantasy with urban landscape and nightlife photography, all while exploring the ephemeral darkness of the human psyche and its impact on how one views the world. 

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